GameDevs and Creatives – we need you!

We are Together for Future and are working towards a climate neutral future. Therefore we are working in collaboration with Fridays and Scientists for Future. With the project #ClimateGameChanger we are aiming to:

1. Build consciousness for climate change

2. Show opportunities for carbon neutrality

3. Join the dots between human activity and their environmental impact in a playful way

To get ideas about potential games adressing these topics we need you: Game developers, graphic artists, programmers and all other people that want to come up with drafts for a climate game!

Our goal is to get this topic into the games industry and to show with this jam that there are a ton of fascinating ideas about how to combine learning about climate change and gaming.

You are working in the Game Industry?

Game Development is new for you?

You are game developer, -designer or -programmer and are able to develop a prototype on your own or with friends?

Then you’ve come to the right adress! A prototype does help us especially because your concept idea gets very clear for us. Of course you don’t need to develop a prototype, you can submit what ever fits you and the idea best.

In the course of the jam #ClimateGameChangers we are present at multiple other jams in Berlin as contact persons. Please follow us at Social Media to be up to date.

If we like your concept, we would be happy to develop the prototype to a full game with you. Nevertheless we would be proud to present your idea to a broad audience.

No big deal! We would like to start a broad discussion regarding climate change and game development so we are happy about every piece of content.

Are you a gamer? Then maybe the following question is helpful to get an idea: What kind of games do you like most? How could you integrate the topic of climate change into it?

Your ideas can be submitted in any format. For example this could be graphics, images, mock-ups, presentations, videos or simply text or a story. Furthermore feel free to submit more than one idea.

Code of Conduct

Together for Future and #ClimateGameChanger want to provide a hate-free environment for all their participants. Everyone is welcome and invited to participate, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, origin, appearance, age or anything else.

We do not tolerate harassment, hate-speech, abuse, discrimination, diffamation, glorification of violence of any kind. The organizers of #ClimateGameChanger retain the right to remove content that violates any of these rules.

Please inform us if any of these rules are violated, so we can act promptly.

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